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If you are looking for ways to help your child learn and become clever, Graidup is what you need. Graidup is the only educational tablet and app based on School topics that uses educational cartoons and quiz games to teach. It covers English, Maths, and Science from class/stage 1 to 6.

Yes. Graidup comes on a 7-inch durable Graidup android tablet with 1-year warranty contract.

Anyone can download our app from our website. However, you will need activation code to start using the app. If you already have a tablet download the app and call us to purchase your activation code.

Yes! We have discount policy. We give 10% discount for more than two (2) tablets.

Our app is sold on a 7-inch tablet. Our tablet comes with 6 months warranty. You can also make calls with our tablet in addition to allowing your child to learn on his/her own.